24 Unified States!

Standardizing EMS Licensing.
Expanding EMS Practitioner Mobility.
Enhancing Public Protection.

EMS practitioners who hold a qualifying license from an EMS Compact Member State are eligible for a Privilege to Practice in the other Compact Member States! To confirm the Privilege to Practice for an EMS Practitioner enter the 12-digit (####-####-####) National EMS ID number in the form below. Should there be any discrepancies or if the status isn't displayed, please contact the State EMS Office that issued the EMS license. 

The Privilege to Practice is only valid and displayed if:

  • The state has passed the EMS Compact legislation.  If your state is not yet a member of the EMS Compact, learn how you can help change that here
  • Member States have submitted EMS licensure data to the National EMS Coordinated Database (Blue states on the map). 


EMS Compact Member State Data Submission Status
  • Member State: Full Compliance
  • Member State: Partial Compliance
  • Member State: License Data Pending
  • New State: Coming Soon!
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How the EMS Compact Works

The EMS Compact increases access to patient care, protects the public, reduces administrative burden, and enhances the Emergency Medical Services system in the United States.

The Compact facilitates the movement of licensed EMS personnel across state boundaries in the performance of their official duties by providing EMS professionals a Privilege to Practice in the other Compact States.

The EMS Compact also standardizes state licensure requirements, mandates a FBI fingerprint background check for EMS personnel, establishes a national database of EMS personnel, and creates a new mechanism for states to collaborate on investigations and discipline across state borders.


The legislation authorizing the EMS Compact is titled REPLICA, the “Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate CompAct”

Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice

The EMS Compact is Managed by a multi-state commission, established by the REPLICA legislation. Each state appoints one Commissioner.

National EMS Coordinated Database

The National EMS Coordinated Database (NEMSCD), authorized by the REPLICA legislation, tracks EMS license information and Privilege to Practice status for EMS personnel in Compact Member States.