Status: Member State: Full Compliance

Michael Bateman

Michael Bateman

Operations Section Manager
Emergency Medical & Trauma Services Branch
Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO 80246
Phone: 303-691-4932


About Colorado's EMS System

EMS Compact Legislation
Colorado the first state to enact the EMS Compact legislation. Colorado HB 15-1015 was signed into law on May 8, 2015.

National EMS Coordinated Database Status
✅ Colorado is fully integrated with NEMSCD

Colorado's EMS Rules
6 CCR 1015-3 - Emergency Medical Services​
  • Chapter One - EMS and EMR education, EMS certification, EMR registration
  • Chapter Two - EMS practice and medical direction
  • Chapter Three - EMS data collection
  • Chapter Four - Licensure of ground ambulance services
  • Chapter Five - Air ambulance licensing
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Current Commissioner Appointment


Retired Commissioners

Donnie Woodyard

Donnie Woodyard

Chair, Executive Committee (Retired)
Dates of Service
July 2020 - July 2023
Jeanne-Marie Bakehouse

Jeanne-Marie Bakehouse

Executive Committee, Vice-Chair (Retired)
Dates of Service
October 2017 - July 2020