Code of Conduct Workgroup

The Code of Conduct Workgroup was established by Executive Committee of the Interstate Commission for Emergency Medical Services Personnel Practice in February 2024. The workgroup is dedicated to the development and refinement of a professional Code of Conduct that will uphold the integrity and professionalism of EMS practitioners across EMS Compact Member States.

Workgroup Membership

The Chair of the Commission designated the formal membership of the Code of Conduct Workgroup to include:

The Workgroup Mission

The primary goal of the workgroup is to consider, review, and present well-considered recommendations to the Commission regarding the establishment of a comprehensive and effective Code of Conduct for EMS Practitioners.

Responsibilities and Activities

The key responsibilities and activities of our workgroup include:
  • Review of Conceptual Code of Conduct: Carefully examining a conceptual framework for the Code of Conduct, ensuring it aligns with the ethical and professional standards expected of EMS practitioners.
  • Editing and Revising: Editing and revising the draft Code of Conduct to reflect best practices, informed perspectives, and the diverse needs of EMS personnel across different jurisdictions.
  • Consideration of Options for Commission Adoption: Evaluating various pathways for the formal adoption of the Code of Conduct. This may involve integrating the Code into the Commission's Administrative Rules, officially endorsing the Code for EMS practitioners using a Privilege to Practice, or other appropriate measures.
  • Recommendation for Standardization Across Member States: Proposing strategies for standardizing the Code of Conduct among EMS Compact Member States. This may include  encouraging individual states to adopt and incorporate the Code of Conduct into their EMS regulatory frameworks.
  • Open to Other Recommendations: The Workgroup will consider other innovative and effective recommendations that could enhance the professional practice of EMS personnel.

Commitment to Excellence

The Workgroup is committed to excellence, transparency, and inclusivity throughout the review and recommendation process. We strive to ensure that the Code of Conduct resonates with the values and expectations of the EMS community, fostering an environment of professionalism, respect, and ethical practice.

Workgroup Files

Get Involved

The Commisison values the input and participation of EMS practitioners, stakeholders, and the public. All Workgroup meetings will be public noticed and all stakeholdes are encouraged to attend.

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