Data Protection Workgroup

The Data Protection Workgroup was established by the Executive Committee of the Interstate Commission for Emergency Medical Services Personnel Practice in response to evolving cybersecurity threats and the urgent need to protect the privacy and security of EMS personnel. Commissioner Michael Bateman (CO) has been appointed as the Chair of this vital workgroup. Additional members will be appointed soon.

Workgroup Mission:
The Data Protection Workgroup is tasked with the crucial mission of raising awareness and enhancing the protection of EMS personnel's personal information. This includes crafting a robust framework and standards that balances public access to licensure data with stringent privacy and security measures.

Workgroup Responsibilities and Activities:

  • Review of Draft Position Paper on EMS Workforce Privacy Protection: The workgroup will carefully consider the Draft Position Paper, which addresses the balance between public access to EMS licensure data and the need to protect EMS personnel's privacy and security in light of increasing doxxing threats and heightened security concerns.
  • Development of Recommendations: Developing comprehensive recommendations for the Commission on best practices for data protection. This includes proposing guidelines for states to restrict bulk access to EMS personnel data and safeguard personal identifying information (PII).
  • Standardization of Data Protection Measures: Proposing uniform standards to be adopted by the Commission, potentially establishing default gold standards for data security that ensure minimal exposure of EMS personnel’s sensitive information.
  • Engagement with Stakeholders: Collaborating with stakeholders, including EMS practitioners, cybersecurity experts, and public health officials, to gather insights and ensure that the recommendations align with the needs and realities of the EMS community.

Commitment to Data Security: The Data Protection Workgroup is committed to excellence, transparency, and inclusivity in all its endeavors. By integrating the latest in cybersecurity measures and privacy laws, the workgroup aims to ensure that the EMS personnel's data is secure, supporting both their safety and the integrity of the EMS system.

Get Involved:
The Commission values the input and participation of EMS practitioners, stakeholders, and the public. Details regarding the public meetings of the Data Protection Workgroup will be announced, and all stakeholders are encouraged to participate.

Upcoming Meeting: May 7, 2024 3PM (ET)