Commission Elects Secretary; Seats Six New Commissioners

The Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice convened for its fourth-quarter meeting on November 15, 2023. It is with great pleasure that the commission announces the re-election of Commissioner Joe House from Kansas for a second term as Secretary. With a track record of exceptional leadership, Commissioner House has been instrumental in driving the commission's achievements and spearheading its initiatives.

In a significant move, the commission has also appointed and formally seated six new commissioners, each representing a different state and bringing a wealth of experience to the table:

  • Commissioner Bobbie Sullivan of Nevada
  • Commissioner Dale Adkerson of Oklahoma
  • Commissioner Teresa Windham of Mississippi
  • Commissioner Michael Bateman of Colorado
  • Commissioner Britany Huss of Delaware
  • Commissioner Mitch Stewart of South Carolina

These new members are recognized for their unique backgrounds and a unified dedication to the advancement of emergency medical services across state lines. Their collective expertise is expected to greatly contribute to the pursuit of nationwide EMS excellence.

With these appointments, the Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice embarks on a renewed journey of collaboration and innovation in EMS care, bolstered by the stewardship of both returning and new commissioners.

The commission extends an invitation to its partners, stakeholders, and the broader community to join in congratulating and supporting these committed professionals as they assume their critical roles in the enhancement of the EMS sector.