Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice Unveils Official Seal

Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice Unveils Official Seal

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The Executive Committee of the Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice is proud to announce the adoption of its official seal, a symbol of unity, progress, and dedication within the Emergency Medical Services field.

At the heart of the seal is a stylized iconic Star of Life, set within a blue hexagon. The hexagon, known for its representation of balance and unity, symbolizes the trust, reliability, and steadfastness essential to EMS. The Star of Life, the symbol for EMS since 1970, embodies the highest standards of professionalism and commitment in the EMS profession. Central to the Star of Life is a radiant star, representing the unified voice and identity of EMS across the nation, while an adjacent arrow points right, signifying the industry's forward momentum.

Significantly, the seal incorporates a red circle, borrowed from the seal of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), as a nod to the historical connection between DHS and the EMS Compact. It was DHS that originally funded the creation of the EMS Compact, symbolizing a foundational support in its inception. This circle, featuring 24 openings corresponding to the states that are currently part of the Compact and representing the Compact's ability to overcome bureaucratic “red tape” and challenges.

The base of the emblem honors the ten founding states of the EMS Compact with ten Stars of Life, a tribute to the collaborative spirit foundational to the Compact's establishment.

Set against a white background, the seal's colors - red, white, and blue - are not only emblematic of the United States but also reflect the dedication, unity, and commitment of the EMS Compact. This seal represents the Compact's mission to facilitate interstate movement and license recognition for EMS personnel, enhance public safety, and promote collaboration for excellence in serving communities across the nation.

"We are honored to introduce this seal, which encapsulates the essence of our mission and the collective spirit of the EMS community," stated Donnie Woodyard, the Executive Director of the Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice. "It's a symbol of our unwavering commitment to uphold the highest standards of care and to foster a united EMS front across state lines. The inclusion of elements from the DHS seal is a powerful reminder of our roots and the continuous support that has propelled the EMS Compact forward."

Commissioner Kraig Kinney, the Chair of the Executive Committee remarked, "The unveiling of this seal marks a historic moment for the Commission. This seal is a testament to our journey, our achievements, and our aspirations. It stands as a symbol of our dedication to continually advance the EMS profession."