Oklahoma Joins EMS Compact

On May 22, 2023, Governor J. Kevin Stitt signed House Bill - 2422, which makes Oklahoma the twenty-third state to join the Recognition of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Personnel Interstate Compact, known as the “EMS Compact”, the law is effective November 1, 2023.    

The EMS Compact provides licensed EMS personnel a privilege to practice in other EMS Compact states without obtaining a separate EMS license in that member state. By enacting the legislation, Oklahoma will gain access to the National EMS Coordinated database. The national database enhances public protection by sharing EMS personnel licensure data and supports expedited licensing in member states for military personnel upon discharge from service and their EMS qualified spouses. It will also protect the public by providing member states with information concerning adverse action taken on a person’s EMS licenses.

Representative Arturo Alonso-Sandoval, who introduced the legislation on February 06, 2023, has worked very diligently to bring this capability to Oklahoma and the southside communities that he represents.

Dale Adkerson, Administrative Program Manager - EMS Division, Oklahoma’s Department of Health stated, “I am excited to help implement this new tool to our state” as Oklahoma joins the EMS Compact and participates with the Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice (ICEMSPP).

Kraig Kinney, ICEMSPP Vice-chairman, stated that “Oklahoma fills a large gap between four inaugurate EMS Compact states which include Texas, Kansas, Missouri, and Colorado. I am extremely excited to welcome the Sooner State into the EMS Compact.