Statement on Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact (REPLICA) Status

** ARCHIVED NEWS ARTICLE - Originally Published October 2018** 

On May 8, 2017, when Georgia - as the tenth state - signed the REPLICA legislation into law, the EMS Compact was officially created.  This moved the process into the Compact administration and operations phase. The Compact is governed by the Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice, a joint-public-agency created by the REPLICA legislation. The Commission is actively creating the required organizational structure required to manage the compact. The Commission is also in the process of adopting administrative rules related to Compact operations. Currently, the EMS Compact is not fully operational and the cross border privilege practice is NOT yet available to EMS Personnel.

Key points to understand and share:

  1. Yes! There is an EMS Compact!
  2. At this point, the EMS Compact is NOT active for licensed EMS personnel to cross state lines under the authority of the Compact to provide medical care. The Commission must adopt rules related to the functions of the Compact in order for the Compact to become fully operational.
  3. The Interstate Commission for EMS Personnel Practice has officially assembled, adopted bylaws and the initial administrative rule "Chapter One: Rule on Rulemaking". An Executive Committee and Rules Committee have been established. The Commission members are actively working on developing the rules and policies necessary to make the Compact operational.
  4. Notices for Commission meetings, proposed rulemaking and all related activities are publicly available through the Office of EMS website at every member state, as well the Commission's official website